Why You Should Register Your Home Appliances & Systems

4.5 min readPublished On: September 13, 2022

Your appliances help make your house a home, creating an environment where you can cook, clean, and live comfortably. As a new homeowner, you may need to purchase a number of home appliances before move-in. But even as a seasoned homeowner, you’ll likely need to replace broken or outdated home appliances as time goes on. Either way, you’ll be faced with an important decision: to register or not to register your new appliance?

You’ve likely seen emails or fliers about appliance registration upon purchasing a new product. Home appliance registration allows you to register your products with manufacturers so that they can keep you posted on any updates, as well as activate your warranty and address any maintenance issues. With the HomeKeep home maintenance app, your home products can be automatically registered with the manufacturer, so you don’t have to go through the effort. All you have to do is add your appliances to the app, and we’ll do the rest.

It’s an easy process, but you may find yourself wondering why you even need to register your home products. In today’s blog, we’ll break down the benefits.

#1: Quick Access to Repairs

If something goes wrong with one of your home appliances, there’s no one better to repair the issue than the manufacturers, who know the product best. But reaching out to manufacturers can be a pain. You don’t always remember your product ID and may not be able to easily access it. With automatic home appliance registration, though, you can easily find your product and a quick way to alert the manufacturer that you need repairs.

#2: Reduced Wait Times

One of the most painful things about contacting manufacturers without product registration is the long wait times. You’ll likely get passed around from employee to employee as they attempt to find your information and the right way to help you. But you’ll reduce much of the confusion and the wait if your home appliance is registered. That way, your product will be tied to your name. When a manufacturer searches for you in their registration database, they’ll find your appliance as well.

#3: Helpful Updates

With automatic registration, you can receive emails or push notifications about any updates and recommendations the manufacturer might have for your home appliances. This information can help you optimize your appliances or find new appliances that are right for you. Manufacturers have done this for some time, but in the past, it’s mostly gone to your mailbox. That uses up considerable paper and can be a waste as, often, you’ll just throw it away. Digital notifications are just as helpful but less disruptive.

#4: Product Recalls and Warnings

In addition to helpful updates, product registration also alerts you to any product recalls and warnings that might relate to your appliance. If a batch of household appliances went out with a critical manufacturing error, you’ll be notified of the recall right away. If there’s a safety warning that you and your family may need to know, you’ll know. You can request a replacement or report any issues promptly, keeping your family safe and your home running efficiently.

#5: Warranty Activation

Many homeowners make the choice to purchase a warranty for their home products, and for good reason. Nothing is built to last forever, but a warranty ensures that if the product breaks down sooner than its expected life cycle, you can get a replacement for free or at a reduced cost. But activating that warranty may seem daunting. It’s not always clear how to go about doing so. Product registration makes it easier. You can activate your warranty with the touch of a button and get your replacement appliance that much sooner.

#6: Real-Time Results

We live in a very instant, very digital world. Most people don’t have time to wade through the prerecorded menu of options, or sit through long wait times, when they call for help with their home appliance. You may have work or family demands, or you may just not have the patience for it. Having all of your automated product registration information on an app makes the process much more streamlined. Pull up your product, report the issue or question, and receive a response. The rest of your day is yours. 

#7: Choice of Language

English may not be everyone’s first language, but often that’s the language of the notices you receive in the mail. But with automated product registration, you can choose your own language. Whatever language is most comfortable for you, you can report issues, fill out forms, and receive notices or responses. It makes product registration and maintaining your home appliances that much more accessible for everyone.

#8: Helping to Improve Products

You may not see this as a consumer benefit right away, but it will be a good thing for you in the long run. When manufacturers are able to track your product usage, any maintenance issues, and any potential repairs you’ve needed, they can take a clear look at the strengths and weaknesses of their product. This enables them to create better products in the future. These better products may one day fill your home and make things that much more comfortable and convenient for your family. 

Interested in setting up automatic home product registration for your appliances? Contact HomeKeep today for more information or to get started. 

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