Inspection, cleaning, and filter replacements twice per year. Includes refrigerator, freezer, range, and dishwasher.

Did You Know…

The average cost for an appliance repair is $50-150 an hour, not including the cost of the inspection to identify the problem and the cost of parts. Regular maintenance goes a long way to prevent costly repairs and replacements.

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The tasks we perform and why they are important for your home:

  • Clean dishwasher filter, door seals, and spray arms

    Soap, food, grease, and other debris build up in dishwashers over time, which provides a breeding ground for germs and reduces the efficiency of the appliance.

  • Clean freezer and refrigerator condenser coils

    Dirty coils can’t efficiently release heat, which leads to inefficient cooling and increased energy consumption. If prolonged, the compressor, which keeps your food cool, will eventually break.

  • Change or clean refrigerator water filter and/or freshness filter

    Cleaning and changing the filters ensures water remains fresh and safe to drink and prevents deposit buildup that can slow the system down, affect the taste of your water, and damage your fridge.

  • Inspect refrigerator and freezer door seals and gaskets

    Seals and gaskets keep cold air in and hot air out. Damaged or dirty components make appliances work harder, increasing your energy bill and reducing the lifespan of your products.

  • Clean electric range element connections/gas range burner ignitions and ports

    Keeping range elements clean helps prevent potential fires from leftover grease and maintains the efficiency of your oven and stove when cooking.

  • Clean or change range hood filters and fans

    Maintaining the filters and fan of the range hood helps prevent grease fires and keeps the range hood running properly.

Common Questions

On average, a typical tune-up cost for a kitchen appliance is around $100 per visit. HomeKeep appliance tune-ups are included with all other services in our maintenance bundles that start at just $399 per year.